Japan Unwrapped #3: Bikini bother

Dear Tokyo Times

As a regular reader of Japan related websites, I’d like to ask why so many seem to have more than their fair share of bikini models? But, if that must be the case, as a woman a few similar pictures of hunky men wouldn’t go amiss.



Well, I can’t vouch for the others Debs, but personally speaking it’s not necessarily planned, rather something that just sort of happens. In fact, before I’m even aware of it sometimes, a picture has inexplicably popped up.

reon kadena

Then the appearance of one inevitably leads to another.

yoko mitsuya

And then another.

morishita chisato

Creating a situation that is almost out of hand (so to speak) and very difficult to stop, invariably working its way up to a crescendo of sorts.

eriko sato and koike eiko

And it’s not even a desperate attempt to attract truckloads of traffic either, as it’s mechanical masturbating machines that do that. But, just for a change, things will be different today, so to abruptly nip this one in the bud, here’s a rare picture of a handsome hunk to redress the balance somewhat.

Japanese hunk

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  1. Mike YK Paahana says

    japan girls with beeg boobs rule, mose get small kine but when u find the 1 with beeg boobs, score!!!

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