Himiko: Tokyo’s futuristic ferry

Much is made of Japan’s technological prowess and high-tech cities, but beneath a wafer thin veneer of modernity, Tokyo is generally very traditional — often even antiquated. An aspect that quickly becomes apparent when one drifts even slightly away from busier districts.

But the capital does of course have its moments, and a world away from Tokyo’s only man-powered ferry boat, is Himiko. A vessel that while certainly modern, also seems that way in a 1960s science fiction sense of the word. Arguably like some of the city it can be seen in.

Himiko, Tokyo’s futuristic ferry boat


  1. john says

    Very futuristic, like out of a 1960’s tea/cigarette card set, with a retro HDR look too.
    It does remind me of an item of footwear though (even without a logo)?

    • says

      Yes, I suppose it does. An athletic shoe designed to breathe and make you run faster. All the while looking utterly ridiculous!

  2. Roberto says

    Hi, there IS a reason for that look, that ship was designed by Leiji Matsumoto, manga author of Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999 and other famous stories.
    It’s not a ship that just looks futuristic, it was designed by Matsumoto to have exactly that look.

  3. says

    That is AWESOME!!! If people would start designing more stuff like this we could live in the “future” everyone dreamed of.

  4. Magnus360 says

    That is a beautiful craft- from looking at the layout, seems like it’s got a lot of empty space in it as well. If you ever take a ride, take pics so we can see it from the inside. (not that I wouldn’t love to do so myself, but somehow, I don’t see that happening… )

    • says

      Yeah, it looks pretty spacious inside. Having finally seen it, I’m keen to take a ride in it, so when I do I’ll definitely take photos.

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