Hello Kitty control?

Through Japanese eyes at least, the cuteness of Hello Kitty is utterly unquestionable, with practically every product known to man boasting a ‘special edition’ bearing the feline’s almost featureless face. A money-making phenomenon presumably matched only by a certain mouse and his minions as far as merchandising is concerned.

Yet frivolity it seems can quickly turn to fear, as the initially fun for all the family fan pictured below is, on closer inspection, a bulging, big-headed and overbearing Big Brother-like beast that undoubtedly bullies little children into buying more Kitty goods.

hello kitty Tokyo

Either that or I need to get out more often or at the very least have a little lie down.

(click image for full-sized feline forcefulness)


  1. shinobi says

    looks like u get out often enough with all the pictures u take. but perhaps a quick nap couldn’t hurt though….

  2. says

    Perhaps whirling blades of death are really what lurks behind Hello Kitty’s unreadable expression, ready to gnaw the face off anybody who gets too curious about what’s going on in the mind of the famously inscrutable feline facsimile.

    I think your writing style is catching.

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