Hello Kitty compound

Behind the electrified fence and countless guards, those at Tokyo’s branch of the evil Hello Kitty empire produce more and more mind-boggling merchandise; thousands of them working away whilst the phenomenally famous feline silently looks on.

sanrio japan

Yet despite the secrecy and security, a chance conversation with a departing dispatch driver appeared to suggest that helping contribute to the cat’s quest for world domination does have its perks, with the young fella happily boasting, “It’s wall-to-wall pussy in there.”

hello kitty

Or something along those lines – possibly minus the predictable and preposterously poor pussy pun.


  1. Hermie says

    “Behind the electrified fence and countless guards, those at TOKYO’S branch…”

    Me am read gud :V

  2. zack says

    for someone with a bunch of google adsense ads all over their blog, its hard to take your comments on branding or commercialization seriously.

  3. says

    Sorry/repost: This is in north Machinda, (boonies of west bumfark Tokyo)near Tama-sakai station on the Keio Sagamihara line, about 45 minutes from the Tokyo downtown Shinjuku station via an express train. It’s just a Kanto distribution center with some repackaging of 3rd-world components —not really Hello Kitty’s “Secret Headquarters of Doom” hee, hee.

  4. says

    Yeah, it’s in Machida. Just down the road from Costco funnily enough.

    Oh, and Zack, a quick rummage through the rest of the site would prove that none of it is meant to be taken too seriously.

    Except perhaps the ads….

  5. says

    It’s actually past Machida, closer to Sagamihara or Tama. It’s right between Costco and Babies R Us. We took the train out last year to get some baby stuff [and to get some Costco hotdog lunch, but I forgot the whole American Beef thing; the dogs were pork instead. eh.] and came across it.

    The REAL HK mecca is a little farther, but still in Tama: Sanrio Puroland, a giant, indoor Hello Kitty theme park.

  6. JA says

    Funny enough, this is not their headquarters (the Headquarters is located at Futago Tamagawa close to Sanrio Purro Land, in Tokyo, Japan.

    The photo on this site is actually one of Sanrio’s main warehouses located in Machida, close to Costco as stated in an another post.

    Nice try though.


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