Hello Kitty collection

With countless Japanese shops crammed with more Hello Kitty crap than anyone could (surely) ever hope to purchase,

Japanese Hello Kitty goods

or indeed pay for,

Japanese Hello Kitty goods

it arguably makes perfect sense then that among the belts and even bog roll, is a bank.

Hello Kitty bank

However, this particular pussy repository apparently has very tight restrictions; with well-timed withdrawals the preferred procedure, and deposits almost definitely deemed out of the question.


  1. says

    Hi, I am Hello Kitty’s best friend for eternity! I love her soooooo much! if she was real i would invite her to live with me and go eveywhere with me and we will dress like twins and ALWAYS hapy!

    love alway,
    Hello Kitty’s B.F.F.E

  2. says

    I Love Hello Kitty… I Think She Is The Most Cutiest Thing On Earth..!!!
    -& I Want All That Stuff In The Pictures….:D

  3. mavelle vasquez aguda says

    i’m 40 but i still love hello kitty!and i’m still into collecting hk items!

  4. Tony says

    If you are not aware, there is a Hello Kitty store in Las Vegas. I believe it’s located on the second floor of the Forum Shops.

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