Gritty, drunk and aggressive Tokyo

Tokyo’s Kabukicho red light district isn’t an area known for its restraint; and that goes for the services on offer, as well as the behaviour of those who drink there.

Gritty, drunk and aggressive Tokyo


  1. Coli says

    Excellent picture! I love how you can tell just by the way the two police are standing that they’re thinking something along the lines as “who cares you loser” or ” who do you think you are?” Really really great picture. Made me smile and laugh. Thanks!

    • says

      Thanks a lot!

      Yeah, the cops had very little patience with him. Kins of like, “Oh, not another one…”.

    • says

      It was me.

      He was shouting and waving his arms about at the cops, then he saw me and his immediate reaction is what you see in the photo. He also shouted at me when I walked past. Couldn’t make out what it was, but it certainly wasn’t complimentary!

  2. Steko says

    Home Alone guy adds quite a bit here. I’d like to imagine he called the police on Drunk Asshole after the latter relieved himself in the middle of Home Alone’s convenience store.

    • says

      He does, doesn’t he? Great expression.

      Anybody’s guess what had happened before, but as it was kabukicho, it really could have been anything!

  3. Coli says

    Yeah that guy to the left is awesome! Hadn’t noticed him before. He seals the deal with this shot. Again great picture.

    • says

      Thanks again. Very kind of you.

      Yeah, that was one of those lucky little extras that you don’t realise until after taking the photo. And he really does add something to the photo.

  4. Ed says

    Most of this makes perfect sense, but why is the cop nearest the camera carrying a builder’s measuring tape? Is it for some kind of code enforcement or is he doing DIY projects in his police station.

    • says

      Downtime is DIY time!

      Good call. I hadn’t even noticed that. This is nothing more than a guess, but I have seen the police talking to shop keepers/business owners about goods, signs etc spilling out onto the street. So presumably there’s a set distance allotted to those things, which could be why he has the tape measure. But again, that is nothing more than a guess.

  5. Gage says

    Great picture! This might beca weird question but in many of your photos I notice people wearing surgical masks, usually this means the air is extremely polluted. Is that the case in Tokyo?

    • says


      For such a big city, the pollution isn’t bad at all in Tokyo. The masks are instead protection against allergies, or worn if someone has a bad cold.

  6. Jeffrey says

    Thing is that he doesn’t look “down and out” in the least. Just reeeeally drunk in what appears to be the middle of the afternoon.

    • says

      No, not at all. And yeah, just really really drunk. Plus he’d clearly started early, as it was probably only around 4 when I took the photo. Could well have been a liquid breakfast as well as lunch…

  7. June says

    What do they usually do with people like this? Do they cart them away somewhere to sober up?

    • says

      That’s a very good point. I don’t know to be honest. I assume so if they are out of control, but how bad they have to be I have no idea.

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