Good honest Tokyo food and drink

Despite its billing as one of the most expensive cities in the world, there are lots of cheap options in Tokyo. And the capital’s plethora of tiny, rough and ready yakitori places, are definitely some of the best spots to eat, drink and happily while away the evening.



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    Your blog is better than the Michelin Guide to Tokyo; sure for a pretentious plate of expensive sushi the Guide is the place to consult, but for a fun place, good food and a lot of interaction with the locals that’ll make the trip unforgettable, your blog is the place to visit!

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      Last time I was in Tokyo, we visited the area around Nishi-Ogikubo station after admiring your photos in a previous blog post and had some great yakitori. After a while, a few elderly guys, dressed in baseball clothes get seated next to us. We started talking, they recommended the specialities of the restaurant that we hadn’t noticed yet on the menu. They find out I’m Dutch, so now we are talking about the 1964 Olympics when fellow Dutchman Anton Geesink beat Kaminaga for the gold medal in judo. Somebody always mentions ‘Anton Geesink ‘ to me :-) Difficult to leave a place like that while the beer keeps coming :-)

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        Thank you very much!

        Great to hear you enjoyed Nishi-Ogikubo. One of my favourite places to drink. Great food and booze, and like you say, very friendly.

        Was one of the specialities iwashi croquette by any chance?

  2. Richard Jolley says

    This is a great photograph. It captures so much of what I love about living in this city. Two questions: what camera did you use and do you sell prints of your photographs?

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      Thank you!

      Camera-wise, I use a Leica M-E and 35mm lens. And yes, if people want them, I’m happy to sell prints.

  3. Jeffrey says

    As someone once told me about Chinese food in Japan, the best food is not to be had at the bright shiny places like those found in Yokohama and Kobe’s Chinatowns, but in your local greasy spoon. Same is true for the best yakitori.

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      It is. No two ways about it. And as far as yakitori goes, it seems the dirtier the place is, the better the food will be.

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    Great photo, must agree, the best yakitori in my wifes home town was a tiny little upstairs room, quite rough and totally packed, there wasn’t really enough space for us, but everyone just squeezed tighter and made room , great night out.

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