Fukushima’s other victims: dogs

With death, displacement and continued worries about radiation the horrible consequences of the Tohoku earthquake and Tepco’s incompetence, it’s hard to imagine there could be even more suffering. Yet these ‘looking for a new home’ posters, detailing the personalities and approximate ages of dogs also caught up in the disaster, prove that the suffering wasn’t (and isn’t) just felt by humans, but their former best friends as well.

Fukushima dogs


    • says

      Me too. As they are all pretty much grown up, however, I have my doubts. Fingers crossed though. You never know.

      It was really quite sad seeing the pictures, and reading about their little quirks and foibles.

  1. winnie says

    I also hope that they can find a good home or if their former owner can unite with them, that will be great.

  2. Willy says

    So cute, so sad.
    The lack of chiwawas is telling… those things are born radioactive…

  3. Matt says

    Very sad. Is Fukushima still in the news much in Japan…its certainly not in Canada ir the UK.

  4. says

    oh….. :( 2nd row; third from the left looks just like the dog I had as a child. I hope they all find good homes soon.

  5. MrSatyre says

    It’s gratifying to see that in a nation that has unfortunately made itself infamous as a “throw-away pet” culture in recent decades, that there are at least some groups dedicated to the proper raising and protection of a victim’s beloved animals. It’s always heartbreaking to see any pet suddenly deprived not only of its familiar and safe environment, but also of its owner.

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