Foot urine fun?

The possible healing powers of pee have been feverishly debated when it comes to athlete’s foot, but it now seems that a well aimed bit of wee may, or indeed may not, be similarly ideal for dealing with some rough or rank looking skin, with the ‘easy’ or ‘surprise’ aspect presumably dependent upon the users disposition to discharges.

Japanese foot pee

However, unfortunate language lapses aside, the supplied lotion, it has to be said, looks somewhat suspicious to say the least.

Japanese foot pee


  1. lilacsigil says

    Urea is the active ingredient in many “rough skin” preparations, but I’ve never seen it marketed in such a…charming way.

  2. Glenn0909 says

    Ok, this item is spreading like wildfire on a lot of English gadget and pop-culture sites. Sorry guys as much as we are expecting it to be another WTF item from Japan, no it’s simply just a bad Engrish typo. The text and the illustrated instruction at the packaging clearly says that IT is LOTION (already in the plastic), use scissors to open it and put your feet in it. It does not say in any way the user should put his/her pee on it (you guys are sick!) or the lotion solution has “urine” in it.

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