Food-themed furniture

For residents of Japan who choose to eschew chairs by opting for the more traditional cushion, yet at the same time find lengthy lazing about sessions somewhat uncomfortable, the commonly found cushion-cum-chair combo is an ideal compromise.

japanese chairs

The problem is, as the above picture perfectly demonstrates, they aren’t very appealing as far as aesthetics go – practical probably being a polite way of describing them. However thanks to Roy at Q-Taro, those looking for a bit of novelty whilst nestling down for the night can’t go far wrong with the bread-themed designs below.

Like this simple toast-like offering for example, which, as an added extra, appears to have a similar consistency and thickness to real Japanese bread. And not necessarily all that more expensive either, priced at a relatively reasonable 3,980 yen (18 pound).

japanese design

japanese design

Or for the more adventurous, a hamburger or garishly green melon bread model could be ideal.

japanese design

Or not as the case may be.


  1. says

    I have a hamburger pillow which is pretty cute. Not very appealing, not hunger provoking but different.

    The toast Chair looks good, id use it for say…a week…

  2. says

    This looks awesome, wish I could get some here in Norway. And I’d use them for… ever! Seeing as I’m a complete wapanese and all. Just last week I sawed off the feet on my bed 😛 Trashed my big ass computer desk and made myself a DIY kotatsu that I is the only furniture in the room except the bed.

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