Fish in a bag, Japanese style

Not some unidentifiable sea dweller dished up as a quick meal. No sickly goldfish destined to be dead by morning either. But rather some beautifully coloured and surprisingly blue-eyed koi.

Japanese koi in bags


    • says

      Yes. Surprisingly though most of them seemed pretty content. Only a couple appeared to be struggling with their new, confined space.

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      It was only for a short while, as they were for sale. I took the photo at a large koi fare. Some of them were huge beasts.

  1. john says

    Puzzled why they are seemingly homeless, but they seem to be getting theirs heads about it ?
    Not the sort of thing you can easily mislay or forget. I hope they are not coy being in the open like that :o>

    • says

      That’s a shocker!

      I probably should have explained, but it was a koi fare. A huge number of them were for sale. All different colours and sizes. The bigger (and quite possibly more expensive ones) were in temporary tanks. An interesting find for sure.

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