1. LAObserver says

    The collection of expressions is interesting. I found the younger Nihonjin ladies more than happy to ‘mug’ for my camera. Perhaps not everyone in this shot felt the same way.

    • says

      Yeah, it’s interesting, the young — and especially the beautiful — are often comfortable with a camera in front of them. They are generally all to aware of why you are taking their photo too.

      But the older, and often more interesting looking people, always seem incredibly surprised more than anything. In fact on countless occasions they have looked behind them after I have taken a photo, convinced that it must something or someone else I’m photographing.

  2. Ming Yu says

    Spring day out !! :) The three charming ladies…from front to back – bemused, amused and…. excited (?) !! I just adore all your pictures & the accompanying captions, especially those like these and abandoned buildings. Thank you for all the pictures!

    • says

      You are very welcome. Thanks for being so kind.

      Real characters, aren’t they? I was hoping they wouldn’t disappoint when I pressed the shutter, and thankfully they most certainly didn’t!

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