Face to face with the Japanese

Crowds are an ever-present factor of life in Japan. Heaving masses of humanity that Monday to Friday hustle and bustle people to work and back.

Not that the weekends are much better. Particularly so when there’s an event or festival on. The sheer number of people.

Japanese faces

All vying for a photo.

Japanese faces

As well as a better view.

Japanese faces

Make for a state of semi-organised chaos.

Japanese faces

Which some calmly deal with.

Japanese faces

Whereas others clearly don’t.

Japanese faces


  1. Taki says

    I remember watching a stream of people flow through a narrow street in Shinjuku one day with hawkers gathering small groups, while others not interested would try to pass. It completely simulated the flow of water, where a large boulder could easily be one of the hawkers. I remember thinking that a mathematician would love this.

    • says

      That’s a very interesting way of looking at it. Where I took these was like dealing with locks on a canal — only slower…

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