Even arms can be bought in Akihabara?

Over the last few years, Akihabara has been gentrified enormously, with fancy stores and modern spaces replacing a good deal of its previously rag-tag appearance. But pockets of the past do still exist, with tiny shops selling a veritable confusion of electrical components and connectors.

Bits and bobs that are understandably very fiddly to fit, although the less dexterous need not be too deterred, as help is also on hand.

Akihabara shop


  1. Stephanie says

    In a drunken stupor, I would have screamed the house down seeing that sight of a dismembered hand minding the shop…

    • says

      Not at all. In new, shiny Akihabra, these old shops and alleyways are by far the most interesting. I just wish I knew what on earth it is they sell…

  2. winnie says

    I was shocked when first glance on the picture!
    Interesting and cool picture!

    Akihabara has many interesting stuffs to see, from animate stuffs.. to components… computer parts etc
    One of my favourite place in Tokyo.

    • says

      Thanks! Yes, it’s never a dull place to visit. Preferred it before the maids and themed cafes moved in though.

  3. Willy says

    I loved it back in ’89 when I first went there. A complete geek heaven. Good to see that remnants of those days still exist. Long live the geeks!

    • says

      It has changed enormously in the time I’ve been here, so I can only imagine what it was like back then. One thing hasn’t changed though: it’s still a geek heaven!

  4. john says

    So that is the arm of a salesman (or lady?) rather than the sale of small arms in yellow boxes (with a free watch)?
    A moment later and they might have had a head on display too!

  5. MrSatyre says

    Man, why are there never any disembodied arms and hands around when I visit Akihabara?!? Some people have all the luck!

  6. says

    Interesting thing about Akibara; while son & I were in Japan last summer, he wanted to scope it out as he had the idea he could buy the parts necessary to assemble his own PC cheaper there than here. The reality was he looked and couldn’t believe how high the prices were, even for stuff he can get in the U.S.

    • says

      Yeah, I don’t think it has ever been cheap. It certainly wasn’t when I first came here. Plus now it has been spruced up, and become an attraction of sorts, it’s presumably even pricier.

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