Elevator girls

The title may sound more like a pop song than a profession, but elevator girls can still be seen in Tokyo. Not so often. And presumably not nearly so much as many moons ago. But, in this day and age, it’s still a calling that seems strangely archaic.

Japanese elevator girl


  1. Jeffrey says

    That mask! That glove! She must have been a huge fan of Michael Jackson is later years.

    • says

      Now you mention it, that’s all I can think of, but it hadn’t even crossed my mind til I read your comment.

      • Jeffrey says

        There’s a snarky joke there involve girls and distance that I can’t quite bring myself to typing.

  2. LAObserver says

    Nothing wrong with a business expressing customer appreciation through convenient services. Bravo on Nippon !

    • says

      That’s very true. Something that’s certainly appreciated (or at least expected) here. Still seems a bit demeaning though.

  3. Gijs says

    I’ve seen elevator men too in Japan, they just don’t stop talking about the doors and floors! :-)

  4. says

    I’ve never been in an elevator that was ‘manned’ by anybody, but there’s still something very endearing about this image. I really like it.

      • says

        Last century, during the communist era, in the capital of the country where ozeki Kotooshu is from, I’ve seen them in the Central Universal Mall, seriously. It wasn’t more than five-level mall.

  5. says

    I agree. Seen them a lot when I first visited Japan years ago, but hardly ever seen them during our most recent visits. Maybe I didn’t go to posh enough places to see them. ^^

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