Dutch wife for hire

Back in April I mentioned the advancements in Japanese blow up doll technology, and that rather amusingly such devices go by the name of dutch wives.

But such lifelike silicone beauty comes at a cost, as a top of the range dutch wife will set you back a staggering 600,000 yen (3,000 pound). Now seeing as for most people this is an awful lot of money to spend on a recreational ‘toy’, the entrepreneurial Doll no Mori company has stepped in and started offering such manufactured mates on a rental basis.

jewel sex doll

As well as numerous satisfied customers, Doll no Mori’s owner, Hajime Kimura, is also more than happy with his new ’employees’. He says that currently he has four dolls and the company gets “at least one job a day, even on weekdays, so we made back our initial investment in the first month. [And] unlike employing people, everything we make becomes a profit and we never have to worry about the girls not turning up for work.”


The current charge for a 70-minute session is 13,000 yen (65 pound), although Kimura-san says that the two-hour option is the most popular. But with such high rental costs he does admit that customers would be financially better off just buying a doll, especially as the company has a large number of repeat customers and a growing membership of over 200.

To give things a more personal touch, the four dolls available for service are called Alice, Ai, Mayu, and Tina. And as the picture below shows, they can be dressed up in a variety of, erm, alluring outfits.


Now if all this wasn’t disturbing enough, the most popular doll by far is the large-eyed and mangaesque Alice, who/which most closely resembles a young girl.

And then of course there’s the hygiene aspect…


  1. says

    You mean people are ready to unload in plastic where someone else has unloaded (maybe) only minutes ago?

    Lee, forget teaching English in Japan. Start a psychological counseling center (even if you don’t carry a license to be a qualified shrink). I can foresee that you will become a billionaire with so many nuts to cure around.

    And yes, I will expect 10% of all the fees you charge them as royalty for giving you this idea. Did I inform you that I am voting for you everyday out there in Asia Blog Awards? So make that 20% of the fees you charge the nuts.


  2. says

    Adamu: Admittedly having one of these ladies would be quite a talking point when friends visit, but I certainly wouldn’t consider a second hand one!

    Ron: The only problem would be that after dealing with so many freaks I’d probably need a counselor of my own. Which would severely cut into my our profits.

    And thanks a lot for the support in the Asia Blog Awards. Surprisingly I was in the lead at one point, but I’ve since slipped in to second place. If I actually pull off a shock victory, I’ll let you have 30% of my fees for your help!

  3. says

    Ah…. so this is for real. I read about it on my keitai via some tabloid news. Thought it was a joke at first.

    £3,000? So you’re a Brit too. So when I say “Football”, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

  4. says

    just voted for you too…you’re in third place right now, and that’s not good enough for all the great stuff you put up on your blog.

    vote, people, vote! maybe you need to *sell* yourself a wee bit and put up that you’re in the running.

    i didn’t even know until i read the comments on the *ew* dutch wife.

  5. says

    Raoul: I’m sorry, but I’m not sure where the name dutch wife comes from. I guess if you are married to a Dutch lady, just be careful what you say if you ever come to Japan!

    Eddie: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean when you say football. I just wish more Japanese people did…

    Dr.D: Does she clean, or is she clean?

    Spirit Fingers: From all accounts, yes they do. Maybe more than one too! Thanks very much for the votes. You’ve been getting my votes for funniest blog!

    Melina: Thank you very much. I’ll take your advice and get a promotional post done when I get home tonight. Perhaps I should offer a lottery of some kind for all those prepared to vote. I wonder how 2 hours with a dutch wife would, ahem, go down?

  6. garagaholic says

    I think these dolls are called “Dutch Lady” because of the fact that most/ a lot of people believe the outright cliche of Dutchies being inexpensive and/or paying for themselves. In other words: after buying this piece of silicone, you do not have to buy her anything, she’s inexpensive just like a real Dutch woman.

    Silly foreigners, I for one know out of experience that those Dutch women are no more inexpensive then any other women 😀 (yeah, I am Dutch ;)).

  7. sparky4 says

    Ron said:
    “You mean people are ready to unload in plastic where someone else has unloaded (maybe) only minutes ago?”

    Not that I know, but surely the company cleans and sanitizes between use? Seems like that would be cleaner then some of the real women out there for hire.

  8. Marissa says

    Good God, all the dolls in the pictures you posted look like children. At least the ones at RealDoll dot com look like adults. Also referring to the Buddhist burning of the dolls, to release the kami…the theme of dolls having a soul was used in the anime movie Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence. The one in the green sweater, and also in the bathingsuit picture looks just like the “gynoids” or sex doll robots in that movie!

  9. Zoloft_69 says

    Is there one that looks like Tanin?

    I hear that Tanin is less costly…

    because of the substandard appearance..

  10. Not_Zoloft_69_sumone_else says

    They have the Tanin by way of special request,

    But beware,.. the Tanin gave me a rash the likes of which even advanced asian medics could not cure.

    Why oh why didn’t I listen to Shuga..

    He warned me that it happend to him..

  11. Justacat says

    The reason these thigns are called ‘Dutch Wives’, i think, is because of the fact that in asian countries (and other places where it’s hot) a lot of people sleep with a cylindrical pillow of about 30X150 CM to ‘hug around’ and keep limbs from sticking to eachother. These pillows were called ‘Dutch Wives’ when I was in Indonesia about 10 years ago.

    I’ve also seen the ‘Pillow-like manga-girl’ things being referred to as a ‘Dutch Wife’.. so i think that this one’s a logical evolution of the same..


  12. says

    I looked into this some time ago and the term seems to come from the first Dutch traders in the 16th century. They found it hard to sleep at hot summer nights. One enterprising trader found that filling a large bag with bamboo strips allowed air to flow under his body and thus cool his body enough to sleep.

    These big bags filled with bamboo strips became known as Dutch Wifes as they shared the bed with the Dutch sailors and traders.

  13. Bill says

    Hi! The article on Dutch Wives is entertaining for sure. First time I’ve heard this name for dolls. These dolls do seem more interesting than those plastic inflated things that resemble human form. I’d suggest renting two at a time. Double the pleasure!

  14. Katsuie Shibata says

    I am wondering if these can be shipped to the Vatican, and some Catholic priests, since having sex with a virtual doll isnt not breaking the vow of celibacy. Masturbation is a sin, but not as heavy as having sex with a real woman. According to Bhikku Sunda, a Bhikku (Buddhist monk) who has sex with one of these dolls would entail Sanghadesesa, but not Parajika. Meaning that he would not lose his ordination, although it would still be a grave offense. I also think that people with disabilities, who would be deprived of having romantic relationships should be given one of these dolls for free as part of their health care coverage. That the state should pay for this.

  15. Katsuie Shibata says

    Please send this one to Pope Benedict XVI for he could perhaps give it out to the Catholic Priests of the Vatican to clean up the reptuation in the catholic chuch. It is better that they use this than it would be for the priests to resort to having sex with real children. Perhaps then they should make dolls of young boys for them?

  16. Jeff T says

    thank you tokyo times for taking down our article……il write again soon…the spaniard

  17. johnny placeres says

    i like to see if you have male silicone sex doll and were can i get one

  18. jcp says

    “Dutch” is a common qualifier for something which is not real but a fake which performs the function of the real thing. “Dutch oven” “Dutch metal” “Dutch auction” etc.

  19. Alf says

    Japan, the country that I adore so much.
    What’s wrong with its society?
    Instant food is acceptable.
    But instant ‘love’?
    C’mon go out there and have a real relationship with a real person!

  20. ron says

    By the way, these dolls have removable orifices that are replaced or sanitized in between sessions. They cost between $2000(oriental) up to $7000(Real Doll). They are remarkable sex toys, and some from Germany DO move and respond ! Don’t be so quick to judge, as your hand moves about ! Ron

  21. boxsterspeed says

    If you look at the technology aspect, this is really a breakthrough and remarkabaly advance

  22. enam says

    i need a 5′-0″ height with weighted dool for sex please give some idea and sample and price list….thanks

  23. chuck262 says

    Add some AI, robotics, and animation, and these might be really amazing. I’ve never been with a prostitute, but I wonder, what’s the difference between a prosti and an animatronic dutch wife? If you saw the movie AI, Jude Law plays a ‘pleasure robot’. If society accepts this vs. making it illegal, what’s next?

  24. says

    I don’t speak Japanese but I like you work
    I would like to know you e mail address to
    you pictures of the doll and you tell me
    all asbout her
    weight, hight, material made, private part
    like and material and of couse price


  25. mpbogs says

    n1! i never imagined that there are people that are seriously working to improve the sex doll business…

  26. socrates says

    The truth is people that can’t afford these dolls are the only ones whining. I myself am buying one and I know I’m an average good looking, outgoing, charming (if I may), and completely wise individual. There’s no mistake about it, modern love dolls will become to men a useful product as the dildo and vibrator were/are to the female/feminine sex.

    If there was no need for this kind of product, it wouldn’t exist.

  27. azavorin says

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  28. sunny says


  29. Dilu says

    I want one of those sex doll, they do look very young and I love have sex with you girls. Can some one tell me how do I hold of one those please please.

  30. Peter says

    wow as in “dutch wife” is a really a verb for cheap woman?????????????? you japanese guys got some strange verbs………… Last but not least, this one is quite rude.

    • username says


      adverb. to “go dutch” on a date or dinner means that you and your date split the expense, or each pay for your own ticket, etc. this is a more modern way to date, as opposed to the more traditional “man pays for you” approach
      were going dutch to the movies tonight.”

      Guess the entire world thinks Dutch people are cheap? Don’t know.. 😛

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