Drunk and asleep on a Tokyo side street

Good nights out often require good sleeps after. Sometimes right after.

Drunk and asleep on a Tokyo street


    • says

      Yeah, the fact that people can do that without fear for themselves or their belongings is pretty impressive. The fact that a considerable number of people actually do fall asleep on the streets, however, is perhaps not quite so impressive!

  1. Drunkles says

    Brings back memories of being off trollops and passed out on Tokyo streets and knowing you’ll be ok. Wasurenai yo

    • says

      I’d certainly be confident of waking up undisturbed, but the thought of opening my eyes with a wretched hangover and finding myself on a street is more than enough to scare me into always getting home!

  2. Linette says

    His wallet may be safe, but I would think his immune system would be a little pissed off that he’s sleeping in a gutter. Yeck.

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