Dogs in Ginza wearing school uniforms and glasses

It’s not in any way unusual for dogs in Japan to be treated like kids, all the way from the wearing of kimonos, to being carted or even carried about.

But arguably all of that pales into insignificance when these two studious looking canines are taken into consideration.

Japanese dogs in school uniforms

Their meticulously made school uniforms, along with head and eye wear, making them a real marvel.

Japanese dogs in school uniforms

And surely, although I shouldn’t really say it, unsurpassable.

Japanese dogs in school uniforms


  1. says

    You are right: those absolutely win the prize for the most incredible dog outfits I have ever seen in all my time here! I am endlessly fascinated by the baby-carriage-like dog carts and the sheer quantity of dog clothing available here, but this goes well beyond…I love that the owner has colour-coordinated himself with the cart.

    Here’s my nominee for best dog coiffure:

    • says

      Yeah, I recently saw a couple of dogs sporting scarves which seemed a little eccentric. But after these two it was possibly almost sensible!

  2. says

    I finally saw a couple of real dogs in Tokyo: border collie and golden retriever. The rest have been like in these photos: what I call “cats”. Also saw my first off-leash area, in Mizumoto-koen.

  3. says

    And the owner’s wearing a pith helmet. My first reaction was, “What a sad, lonely man,” but really, that guy’s fantasy world must be off the chain.

    • says

      Yes, presumably the pith helmet is essential as it’s obviously a world in which anything can happen.

  4. The Hound of the Basket Cases says

    They say that owners grow to look like their dogs. Am I alone in spotting a resemblance here?

  5. says

    Agree with “the house”..
    I thought at first He was the one said to be wearing the uniforms since my viewer(image) was a bit slow.
    Anyways, great combination of those colors. I just can’t think what would be the puppy would looked like if those breeds will be it’s parents.

  6. says

    I think these are miniature pinschers (minpins). I’ve had dachshunds all my life and the ears don’t stand up like that and their legs are too long. Nice coats though. Wonder if they are near or far sighted?

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