Dog dishonour

Jackets and jumpers for pampered pooches are far from uncommon in Tokyo. Elaborate canine kimonos on the other hand are rather more unconventional.

Japanese kimono_dog

Captured post-pose, however, the poor little fella’s shame at being continually pictured and paraded is painfully clear.

Japanese kimono_dog

(click images for heightened humiliation)


  1. says

    Seppuku (hara-kiri) looks almost inevitable in that last photo!

    Shame, indeed! Mind you, the pooch could have been dressed up like Hardcore Gay! Certainly, this little fella has come of lightly. In Vietnam, I saw a Cocker Spanial with a Gary Glitter wig upon its little head and silver platforms up its dainty paws.

  2. Tom says

    I refuse to accept that is a really dog O.O It looks fake. I mean it looks like it is stuffed in the first picture.

  3. JP says

    Can anyone tell me the breed? I would be prepared to pick up poop if my dog was THAT cute.

  4. genji4010 says

    i dont find this to be cute at all. this is a dog, not a doll. clearly the pooch is NOT enjoying this. imagine how uncomfortable this all must be for him. frankly, i find this to be ridiculous.

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