1. MartinH says

    Nicely done. The encroaching shadows and graffiti are an interesting mix with the old lady in the frame. Where in Tokyo is this? Doesn’t look like a very nice area…..

    • says


      I saw her approaching and hope she’d stay in the light. Fortunately she did. Right where I’d have ideally positioned her too!

      Actually it’s not Tokyo, but Osaka. And not being all that familiar with the city, I can’t remember where exactly.

      • Squidpuppy says

        Because, warm and sunny, and old. That’s where I’d be too.

        Is she reading the poster (what is that, an anti-litter thing?), or looking at the pitiable planter? Why a child’s stroller, and how did she come by it – what’s the story there? Is that building in the background left her destination? Why the oddly bifurcated construction site – what’s really going on behind those barriers? How many rivals are claiming this territory by leaving their mark? The stories frozen in a single photo… capturing that is what it’s all about. Kudos.

        • says


          Yeah, it’s to stop people dumping stuff there.

          The only answers I have is that she wasn’t reading the poster. Just walking, ever so slowly, to wherever her destination was. Oh, and it’s not a child stroller. Not sure what they are called to be honest, but they are designed to help old people get about, put their shopping in, and have a sit down should they need to.

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