Disturbingly altered dolls

With digital cameras of one description or another now commonplace, there’s the ever increasing problem of what to do with all the resultant pictures — bar printing off the odd one and leaving the rest on the computer until its hard disk dies and neatly nixes the problem.

An issue that Japanese company Sha@Lark hopes to solve with its Purimen Gurumi (プリ面ぐるみ) effigies.

purimen gurumi

A product that allows people to cut the faces out of pictures and have them placed onto disturbing looking dolls.

purimen gurumi

Beastly abominations that arguably make the horrors of hard disk failure a little less worrying.

purimen gurumi

Welcome even.

purimen gurumi

(via the FG Forums)


  1. Sarah says

    Achei lindo! Vocês enviam para o Brasil, caso me interesse? Quais os valores por tamanho? Se possível me mande essa resposta por e-mail. Obrigada!

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