Death at the foot of a mountain?

Tucked away near a coastal road at the foot of the stunning Saw Mountain, this abandoned car looked oddly serene — arguably even beautiful in its overgrown and lush surroundings.

Japanese suicide car

But on closer inspection, its appearance masks a much darker story. Or at least it appears that way. As inside is what looks very much like a charcoal burner.

Japanese suicide car

A grim scenario that could well explain the unusual location of the car, and its abandoned state. But if it does, one can only hope that the person(s) involved had a last minute change of heart. Or if they didn’t, then somebody, somehow, managed to intervene before it was too late…


  1. Martin says

    Nice shot. The charcoal burner could just as well indicate someone was living there rather than the obverse.

    • says

      It could. There’s always the chance it was out there after too. I really don’t know.

      It was a real shock to see though, as the first thing that came to mind was suicide. I remember a good few years ago there was a spate of such deaths. Many of them involving a few people too. They would find each other online. Meet. And then die together. Very sad.

  2. Bernadette Marchetti says

    Yet another similarity with the Caribbean. A very frequent sight along roads are the remains of cars. No one tows them away so they just sit there and rust. Some have been there for decades. As a kid, when I would visit my relatives in Trinidad, I was always baffled why no one towed the cars to the junkyard. But now, seeing rusted cars along roads always reminds me of the Caribbean.

    • says

      Interesting to hear of more similarities. They aren’t that common here, and yet at the same time, they aren’t exactly a rarity — especially outside the cities. Seen quite a varied selection over the years. None quite as unsettling as this one though.

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