1. Martin says

    I did see the bus and I know it’s an important part of the photo but I was distracted. 😉

  2. sugimoto hiroshi says

    stupid japanese girl walking style
    i see a crowd of women and count how many could be tipped over with a push of the pinky
    not cute, just looks like they are holding in a GIANT turd

    • says

      Cheers. On both counts!

      Needless to say, anything you saw in this that reminded you of Moriyama makes me very happy. He’s a big favourite of mine.

      • says

        You’re welcome, I do enjoy his work too. I found the video I linked too very instructive and was amazed to see he uses, what I believe is, Silver Efex Pro 2 to convert to B&W.

        • says

          Yeah, I was surprised to see him using Silver Efex Pro too, although as he seems to shoot a lot in digital nowadays, it makes perfect sense I suppose.

          Have you seen the full length documentary from a few years back? Stray Dog I think it’s called. Realky interesting. I often hope I’ll bump into him in Shinjuku, but it hasn’t happened yet…

    • Jeffrey says

      I don’t believe she’s walking (Lee?). Given the position of the buses in the photo, I think she’s waiting to cross the street.

  3. says

    I love her hair. Unfortunately the garter straps take her whole outfit from cute to hookerish. :/ I do like the cute artwork on the bus, though. I wish we had happy buses like that here.

    • says

      They might be happy on the outside, Lizzy, but just like pretty much everywhere else in the world, the buses aren’t anywhere near as jolly on the inside.

  4. Roy says

    Can someone translate what’s written on the bus (near the duck..chicken) for me?

    Every time I see these signs on the photos I wish I can read the language! They just fascinate me, especially the ones on old establishments and such!

    Thanks for the photo, Lee!

    • says

      You are welcome, Roy.

      It says what Willy has kindly written below. A kindergarten in the grounds of one of Tokyo’s top tourist attractions. Without a doubt a very unusual place for kids to start their education.

      • Roy says

        Hahah while I do really like her outfit and pose, I can’t help but wonder that if she did go to that kindergarten school, would she still have that fashion sense?

  5. winnie says

    First look, she is cool! But, second look, no comment.
    I do like the contrast between the lady and the little ones in the bus.

    Sometimes, I do wonder why most Japanese girls like to stand by closing their knee caps like this picture. Even when they take purikura or others take picture of themselves, they also love to pose like this! Maybe they think it cute to pose like this or nicer?
    But it is not good or nice to pose like this. And the knees would be in pain!

    I just hope the little girls in the bus will not pose like this.

  6. Marion says

    I think the shy/cute/non-sexual little girl pose is an interesting contrast to the garters (which I actually like styled with the denim in this way). It’s almost as though she is working the Lolita angle in a less overt way.

    • says

      Yeah, quite possibly. Hard to say if it was intentional, or just natural for her. Either way it makes for an interest mix like you say.

  7. says

    I want her stockings…

    Awesome shot! I just discovered your blog but really like the photography on here.
    Good job so far sir! Keep it up!

  8. jimmy says

    you should show more hot and sexy japanese girls, and also i would say add more photos including more arcades and rock and roll clubs..generally more places where young people meet.

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