Christian worship, Tokyo style

Definitely no spire. No stained glass windows either. In fact there aren’t even any bells. Well, apart from the one connected to the door that is. But, this tiny church in room 303 does follow one custom — services every Sunday.

Tokyo church


  1. Taki says

    I’ve always enjoyed the Japanese approach to religion. Shinto in the morning, Buddha in the evening and Christ on Sundays :).

    • says

      There’s one, but it seems they have the curtains closed on Sundays. Perhaps as well considering the view…

  2. says

    Looks cute :-)
    Last year when I was staying in Kawagoe at the house of a friend and busy cleaning out the weeds from the garden, several times I was approached by different, sweet Japanese ladies bringing me the happy message of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I can only assume that, being NJ, they thought I must be Christian. Too bad for them I’m not :-)
    Anyhow, I got the impression at the time that Christianity is very busy finally trying to get a foothold in Japan.

    • says

      When I first came here, I was visited numerous times by the Jehovah’s. Often found their literature in my post box too. But after leaving that particular place, I’ve never had the dubious pleasure of their company since. Not sure if that’s anything to do with their numbers, or the area(s) in which they target. Perhaps a bit of both?

  3. winnie says


    No offence to any religion but I will feel stress and panic if I have to come here.

  4. Willy says

    I was under the impression that a major part, or driving force of the religious experience was the acoustic reverb of the great cathedrals… I suppose they have a karaoke-esque version of that in their little apartment -come-church…

    • says

      Quite possibly, although not sure what the neighbours would think about hymns being heartily banged out on a Sunday morning!

  5. says

    Just to add that I really like the fact that you document all aspects of life in Japan: I often say that the more I know about the Japan, the less I feel I understand; and you are really documenting this in great photography! :-)

    • says

      Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you.

      And I completely agree. Some days I think I’m finally getting a grip on the country, but then it very quickly becomes apparent that I’m simply deluding myself.

  6. John says

    That looks like an out of hours coin operated confessional with a warning light? It has a rather open mouthed expression too!

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