1. david says

    This reminds me of the reality of life against the illusion of the media.
    The quiet contemplation
    The Cherry Blossom
    Illusion is king

    • says

      Very true. Always makes me chuckle when that one is brought up – again.

      Arguably the only contemation is at the bottom of a glass or can. And quietness is about as common as sobriety.

      And cherry blossom season is all the better for it!

  2. Willy says

    That is weird.. I seem to remember from my years in Japan that the cherry blossoms usual came in mid April. I would cite global warming if I was to jump to a conclusion, but it might be global warming!
    Nevertheless… A definitive signature of a still wonderful place on this little planet. Peak flower power, and painfully beautiful with its short impermanence. I can never forget the mood that overcame everyone around when the cherry blossoms bloomed after the long and drawn out Tohoku winter…

    • says

      Yes, super early. Although as you suggest, the cause may well make it the norm.

      But yeah, the warm weather and those wonderfully beautiful flowers have once again made Tokyo a super smiley place. Sadly just like the blooms it won’t last, but it sure is great while it does.

      • Squidpuppy says

        Are you a ninja? So often in your shots, people seem oblivious of your presence. I suppose that cameras and photographers are so ubiquitous that people pay no attention… or, like Coppola in Apocalypse Now, do you frequently say: “Don’t look at the camera!”

        • says

          Haha, if only!

          Sometimes I get away with it, sometimes I don’t, but being as quick as possible is my main approach. I often pre-focus, so I only have to worry about composition. That approach often results in people being unaware that I’ve actually taken a photo.

  3. Mattefan says

    When i came in Japan in 2007 during spring i was in late march in Tokyo and the sakura still didn’t come out.
    Then i could see them the first days of april when i was in Kyoto.
    Can’t tell about follwing years because i always came during the summer.
    Anyway 6 years later it seems that sakura are now coming out sooner.
    I can’t forget how absolutley beautiful was Kyoto with cherry blossoms everywhere, the atmosphere was magic.
    I really really miss my days i Japan, i really need to come back there.

    • says

      Yeah, it really is a lovely time of year. A noticeable shift in attitude too. Albeit one as brief as the blossoms.

      This years’s blooms are unusually early, but it’s hard not to see it becoming the norm in the years to come.

  4. winnie says

    Love this picture!! Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful!

    I wish I could stay in Japan for long(or forever) and see them again in next year or next next year.. ..:(

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