Cheeky boys in old Osaka

Their English emblazoned sweatshirts may well be very modern, but these two cheeky young lads live in a distinctly old part of Osaka. An area of narrow streets, rickety homes and friendly locals. The latter of which has most definitely made its mark.

Japanese city kids in Osaka


  1. says

    Great shot, nice old area! I was waiting for some more photos from your Osaka trip.
    The first time I visited Osaka, bōsōzoku gangs kept me awake the few nights I was there; first the revving bikes would drive by slowly, then the police cars with the sirens as if the noise wasn’t loud enough, complete chaos! So my image of Osaka is a bit tainted 😉

    You had a chance there to pay homage to the William Klein shot where the kid with the toy gun threatens the camera :-)

    • says

      Cheers! It was. A very cool little find. Came across it by total chance too.

      I’ve posted a few photos from Osaka that weren’t labelled as such. This black and white one, plus this similarly gritty one. I was fortunate in that I have a good friend there, so there was a lot catching up and boozing to be done. Plus he was happy to take me to all the dodgy spots. As such I have a much more favourable view of the city!

      I know, I know… It was the first thing that came into my head when I saw the gun. But I wanted to get the area in the shot, plus I knew very well that there was no chance at all of me getting anything even close to Klein’s classic.

  2. AF says

    As a kid filled with imagination, those places make excellent spaces to play “hide and seek”. I remember back in my country, when I we were young and one of our favorite times was during festivals when the streets were also illuminated by candles and fires and we enjoyed ourselves running and mixing among the crowd in the middle of the food and game wood shops after sunset.

    In Japan, especially during festivals, the ancient parts of the cities tend to gain enough atmosphere to enchant even adults, for they evoke a very myterious and different pace of life. It is recommended to pay a visit for those who are tired of seeing only the high tech side of big cities which are pretty much the same all over the world.

    Some anime shows even portray the variety of organic elements of old areas in japan like Vampire Princess Miyu OVA or Kakurenmbo.

    • says

      Yeah, the old parts of cities do have a special atmosphere, don’t they?. Almost feels like you aren’t in the city. The lack of tall buildings, narrow alleyways and much friendlier people. Wonderful places to visit. No doubt even better places to grow up.

  3. willy says

    Looks like the sort of place there could be some wonderful neighborhood BBQ parties….

  4. John D says

    I spent 3 weeks roaming Osaka last September, loved it to pieces, my first visit to Japan from Scotland.. Mainly based round Yodogawa-ku with a few side visits away. I always was kind of apprehensive of taking photos like you do tho!

    • says

      Yeah, I really enjoyed my time there too. Similar to Tokyo, and yet at the same time very different. I’ll definitely be heading back there.

      Just go for it. People are generally forgiving/accepting, and if they are not, simply move on — quickly!

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