Japanese salary man substitute

Japan being Japan, men hold the vast majority of the country’s top spots, and as far as pay goes, they generally pocket far more than their female counterparts. An imbalance that isn’t just restricted to work related matters either, as there is also a distinct disparity in regard to leisure activities; including the perhaps not so important but still pertinent issue of plastic partners.

Not surprisingly, men have a whole gamut of goodies on offer, with various shapes and services to choose from. Plus there’s even a magazine to help put that extra bit of sizzle into silicone.

Japanese doll magazine

However thankfully things are gradually beginning to change, and as Japan slowly shuffles towards equality, its ladies are at last lucky enough to have been granted the services of a rubber rendezvous. The only difference being that whereas men appear to opt for fantasy figures with overly ample appendages, women seem happier with more realistic replicas.

So much so in fact, that supposedly just like the real thing, the silicone salary man has to be woken from his slumber due to his standard 14-hour workday and a few forced beers with the boss before any sort of shenanigans can take place.

Japanese salaryman

The simple removal of his optional purple pants quite possibly enough to do the trick.

Japanese salaryman

Although as far as fun goes, the only problem may well be his, ahem, size.

Japanese salaryman

Tokyo Times transformation

With Japan’s current heat wave making leaving the happiness of an air-conditioned home seem like an absolutely lousy idea, time has become available to once again alter the template of Tokyo Times – whether it needed it or not.

One or two things will probably need ironing out over the next day or so, but in the meantime, here’s a marvellous picture of one of those maids that are often mentioned; however few of them are as fetching as this young fella lady.

Japanese maid

(image via dannychoo.com)

Japanese justice?

Last week saw a married couple from Fukui Prefecture in western Japan detained for public indecency; their saucy website falling foul of the censors as it contained footage of 38-year-old Fumio Hisano and his 32-year-old wife Reiko indulging in rather rigorous marital relations.

Called Aya’s Room, the enterprise was certainly more than a mere hobby, as due to membership fees the pair had netted over 200 million yen (840,000 pound) since the site’s inception over 7 years ago. Yet in the land where practically every family focused video shop has a lot more to offer than Disney and Doraemon.

Japanese video shop

As well as vending machines that contain stuff a little stronger than cigarettes and 7 Up.

Japanese DVD vending machine

The Japanese censorship system could well be seen as somewhat sanctimonious.

And then some.

Fame fuelled fire starter

After being arrested for torching a car last year in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, and subsequently held for further questioning in regards to several other blazes in the same area, 21-year-old blogger and busty idol wannabe Erika Hirata was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday.

erika hirata

A hefty sentence for a series of crimes that appear to have been committed to boost the profile of the town they occurred in, and also Hirata-san’s bid to become a famous idol. Pictures of the fires posted on the young restaurant worker’s website perhaps not unexpectedly attracting the wrong kind of attention.

Yet despite her admission of “I did it to get feelings of irritation off my chest, and I wanted to make Suwa famous,” Hirata arguably already had what it takes to become a Japanese idol without the need for such drastic action. As going off the success of other similarly built stars, her ample enough assets would quite possibly have taken her to wherever it was she wanted to go.

Japanese idol wannabe

Tokyo Times 10.2

After hours of trial and error, involving lots of the former and absolutely loads of the latter, Tokyo Times has a new look. Whilst admittedly far from original in its feel, the aim was to create a cleaner and less cluttered look, which in many ways has been achieved – I think.

Whether things will stay that way remains to be seen, but for those of you opting to have a saunter around the new site to see what all the fuss is about, here’s a picture of a man in a silly suit to help pass the time.

Japanese cosplay

Bill’s busty bouncers

Whilst the Japanese love of cute characters is nothing new – with the police to popular foodstuff boasting a beaming beastie of some description or another – it still seems a little odd to see a similar creation connected to uncle Bill’s omnipresent operating system. Yet with the OS-tan brigade, that’s exactly what we get.

For example, here’s 2k-tan.

japanese character

And this is ME-tan – the pair perfectly capturing the, erm, personality of their respective operating systems.

japanese character

Sadly the current character set stops at XP, although judging by the video below, more prudish PC users would probably be proposing a promotion to XXXP.

The larger than life young lady perkily proclaiming something along the lines of, “Windows XP has booted up. You are up earlier than usual. I’m happy, we can spend more time together than usual.”

Which, further translated from geek-speak to regular English, comes out as, “Look at my bulging and bouncy breasts. Great aren’t they?”

Now all that remains is to see what levels of voluptuousness Vista may hold…

(huge thanks to Jon for the link)