Tokyo Times slight summer slowdown

Summer is well and truly here in Tokyo. The sun is high, as is the humidity, which means only one thing: time to leave for a little while.

However, that’s not to say my absence means there won’t be any new photographs here, because there will — just less that’s all. So, for the next month, there’ll only be a couple of posts a week. On Mondays and Thursdays. Just enough to keep things ticking along nicely until my return.

And with that I shall be off. First heading into the dark underbelly of Tokyo, and then on to the rather more bulging one of Britain.

Tokyo subway

Tokyo Times now back to pre-summer pace

After a month or so of minimal site activity while I was in the motherland, I am now in Japan again, meaning Tokyo Times will return to its regular routine. So it’s back to walking all those labyrinth-like streets. Back to almost always carrying a camera. And back to photographing the city’s much-touted fashionable shops and frenetic pace of life.

Tokyo sleeper

Tokyo Times summer slow down

From today, I shall be leaving these incredibly hot and humid shores for the much cooler climes of not so sunny Manchester. A month long trip that will result in Tokyo Times seeing a similar slow down. So, instead of the usual 4 or 5 posts a week, there’ll be a far more summery 2 — on Mondays and Thursdays — until I return towards the end of August.

A relatively long period of time which may result in me missing a few things, but one of them certainly won’t be this sensation.

Tokyo park in the summer

Tokyo Times now back to normal

After about six weeks of not so regular updates as I soaked up the rain in not so sunny Manchester, Tokyo Times will now return to normal. My arrival back in Japan meaning that the relaxed and summery two posts a week will now revert to the more customary four or five.

News that admittedly doesn’t warrant being blasted from the rooftops. Or even trumpeted round town. But it may, at a push, merit a brief parp in the park.

Japanese trumpeters

Tokyo Times slight summer slowdown

Tomorrow, I shall be leaving these fair isles for the far cooler, if not exactly fairer, ones of home. A journey that will see me knee deep in Guinness, pies and the odd plate of fish and chips for the best part of 6 weeks.

But that’s not to say that the site will simply cease to function like the fella below. No, far from it. There’ll just be something of a slowdown that’s all. So, instead of the usual 4 or 5 posts a week, there’ll be a more relaxed and suitably summery 2. These will more than likely be posted on Mondays and Thursdays (although there will be one this Friday), but to be sure of new content to see, subscribing to the Tokyo Times RSS Feed could well be the way to go. Or alternatively, links to new posts will also appear on my Twitter page.

Tokyo sleeper

Tokyo Times return

After gallivanting around Great Britain for five weeks — which left Tokyo Times noticeably only plodding along with nowhere near the normal amount of new material — I’m now back in Japan, so, fingers crossed and photo opportunities permitting, things should very quickly return to normal.

Particularly so in fact should the sun continue to shine, and, perhaps more importantly, I can somehow prise my bicycle out of its prison.

Tokyo bicycle