Cook, cup or cock?

The Japanese word for a cook is コック (kokku) which, for the untrained ear, may well lead to the odd, mildly amusing member-based misunderstanding. Although there again, some may well suggest that for the likes of foul-mouthed and famous British chef, Gordon Ramsay, such a faux pas may indeed be fitting.

Still, this kind of kitchen-themed confusion doesn’t necessarily end there, as an apparently comparable cock up concerning the creation of a similarly sounding cup can, at least in the sauciness stakes, offer up some suitably stiff competition.

Japanese cock up

(click image for phallic, but unfortunately fairly obviously photoshopped, frivolity)

via Neta

Yuri Ebihara yearnings

With temperatures in Tokyo gradually rising, Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido has rather aptly started to roll out ads for Anessa, the company’s super selling sun block cream. And, after the success of previous campaigns, it has once again enlisted the youthful Yuri Ebihara to further boost its fan base.

Yuri ebihara

A combination that perfectly gets the point across, as one look at either the photo above or the commercial below immediately reminds me to give my more sensitive bits a good rub, meaning I can then venture outside both ready and relaxed.

Japanese anime altruism?

Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, somebody offering a hand can actually be more of a hindrance than help. And, in a slightly similar sort of vein, anime-based altruism can also go awfully awry.

A situation it would seem that is particularly pertinent when protection is prescribed, although absolute horror rather than mere hindrance is arguably a more honest assessment.

Japanese anime

(naughty but not intentionally naughty image nabbed from Neta)

Japanese character contravention?

Cute and cuddly characters are seemingly essential for almost every service in Japan, no matter how serious it may be, with the so-called Self-Defence Force securing Prince Pickles,

japanese self defence character prince pickles

and the police, perky little Pipo.

japanese police character pipo

In fact, the law is apparently so in love with young Pipo, that he is rather prominently plastered over some police boxes.

Tokyo police box

So, with this in mind, it’s not exactly surprising then that other, less serious services, are equally served, with one of the more memorable being the Suica penguin, who proudly boasts the benefits of combining telephones and train tickets.

mobile suica penguin

However, as the commercial below amply proves, the fiery little fella’s axe-god inspired acrobatics mean that he has rebelliously rejected strict character requirements — sensationally swapping the customary cute for the more controversial cool.

Or, at the very least, a sort of cute-cum-cool compromise.

Japanese television titillation?

For a TV segment to be suitably saucy and yet safe for uncensored viewing, the ingredients have to be just right, and the makers of this cheeky little chapter appear to have got it spot on.

For starters, it’s based around five beauties in a bath,

Japanese bikini onsen

in bikinis.

Japanese bikini onsen

Plus, as luck would have it, there are plenty of big, ahem, bubbles bobbing about too.

Japanese bikini onsen

With even the added bonus of some simulated soaping of sorts.

Japanese bikini onsen

And yet, through a combination of mindless music and moronic movements, the whole thing is about as sexy as sumo.

Sort of.

(video via Kirainet)

The fickleness of fame

With Japan’s seemingly insatiable fondness for fads, Andy Warhol’s prediction of 15 minutes of fame could arguably be classed as a little on the long side, with many products and personalities whizzing by at such a frantic pace that one barely has the chance to holler has-been or even ask who?

Yet there are exceptions, or at least there used to be, as even the once mighty it seems can unfortunately fall foul of Japan’s unfaltering fickleness. Like, for example, the recent failure of the once formidable Anpanman empire.

Japanese anpanman museum

With a large selection of anime, stacks of merchandise and even a museum to his name, a lifetime of leisure seemed certain; however, even being based on a bun filled with beans obviously isn’t enough to fend off the never ending flow of fads. A dramatic fall in sales and a series of salacious slurs resulting in the once massive Anpanman travelling the country desperately searching for day jobs, his rosy cheeks now unabashedly blushed with booze rather than the aforementioned beans.

anpanman tokyo

A downfall that not surprisingly has sent shockwaves through the industry, with commentators all over Japan contemplating who may be next. Mickey working at McDonalds perhaps, or even, heaven forbid, Hello Kitty on heroin rather than a heroine?