Tokyo technology

As Japan has just been named the world’s most innovative nation, those at the cutting edge of science and technology could well be forgiven for kicking back a bit and revelling in the warm glow of recognition.

But as one presumably doesn’t get to the top by taking time off, technicians in Tokyo are already working on a new and quite possibly earth shattering enterprise – audaciously attempting to eliminate once and for all the threat of water shortage brought about by global warming and drought.

An effort that judging by the picture below would appear to be well on the way to fruition.

Japanese sign

(click image for increased innovation)

Beach barbecue?

“While we were studying the whales, some onlookers said they looked appetizing. But I would not recommend eating them.”

University of Hokkaido lecturer, Tetsuya Endo, explaining the reaction of a few salivating scavengers as he examined a dozen or so melon-headed whales found dead in Chiba Prefecture; the researcher advising against consumption due to excessively high levels of mercury found in the beached mammals.

Now call me an unadventurous eater, or even a fool for passing up a free meal, but ‘appetizing’ isn’t exactly the first word that springs to mind when I see something like this.

beached whales japan

The couple in the distance may or may not be cooking up a storm.

Blue bloom

Perhaps for no other reason than to stop greeting card manufacturers using tired old rhymes concerning the colour of roses and violets, Suntory Ltd – with the help of Australian company Florigene – has produced a blue rose. A result that took a staggering 15 years of research to achieve.

As it’s due to go on public display over the weekend (for the first time I think), the blue bloom was shown to the press yesterday.

blue rose

An event that must have been fascinating to say the least.

Big breast betrayal

Health product company owner, Akihito Ishii, was arrested yesterday for selling a breast enlargement medicine that had no effect whatsoever. A violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Ishii-san promoted the product by saying, “No matter what bust size you have, you’ll be two sizes bigger by the following month. You’ll easily make that D-cup bust you’ve always wanted.” A bold claim indeed.

Unfortunately a large number of women fell for this outlandish sales pitch, and it is estimated that 36,000 boxes of the breast enlarging tablets were sold. Netting Ishii a cool 200 million yen (1 million pound) profit.

Those who took the pills said they had no side effects, but at the same time no effect in the breast department either. Which in some cases is perhaps just as well, as investigators are directly accusing Mr. Ishii of selling 48 boxes of tablets to a 27-year-old woman and eleven others. That’s a lot of tablets. Just imagine what the young ladies would have looked like if the medicine had worked.

And whilst you ponder that scenario, here’s an innocuous picture of some fruit to pass the time.

big melons

Eco bra

Triumph International, famed maker of both the Haruurara and maiko themed bras, has upped the ante even further by producing a completely recyclable design made specifically for the Expo 2005 Aichi Japan.

The slightly unusual looking item of underwear is made from corn, Deccan hemp, and paper. But sadly for anyone interested in acquiring one, they are for the Expo only, and will not be made available to the general public.

And after that rather pointless and decidedly dull preamble, here’s a picture of said bra. The only reason for this rather lame post.


Celebrity star trek

The U.S. based Space Adventures Ltd., which in the past has successfully sent non-professional astronauts into space, recently teamed up with Dentsu Inc. to help send a Japanese celebrity into orbit.

Space Adventures Ltd. had already concluded a deal with Russia’s space agency to send four non-professional astronauts to the International Space Station, but has now come to an agreement with Dentsu Inc. to allow one of them to be a Japanese national. The Japanese company seems delighted with the opportunity, and a spokesman was quoted as saying, “Traveling in space is everybody’s dream. We’ve decided to participate in the project to help make the dream come true.”

Who the lucky person will be has yet to be decided, but it has been confirmed that they will be a prominent public figure, as the cost of the deal will be offset by corporate sponsorship deals and advertisements. Rumours have already begun circulating as to who the person will be, with one unnamed (and frankly unreliable) source claiming it to be a two horse race. The favourite being model, actress, and K-1 fan Norika Fujiwara.


Whilst apparently others are touting naturalized citizen and ex-sumo wrestler Konishiki as the first choice.


My money is on the big man.