Genuine jugs?

After a recent mention on Tokyo Times of Japanese model Mizuki Horii and her confession of feeling close to cows because of her far from undersized udders, a discussion of sorts has developed in regards to whether her bovine-like boobies are real or not. A matter that whilst admittedly nowhere near as significant as Britney Spears and her shaved head, is still worthy of investigation.

Unfortunately, a call to Horii-san’s manager about a quick juggle with her jubblies to see if they are the real deal hasn’t been returned; but instead, here are a couple more pictures of the young lady in question, followed by a poll to count the presumably pitiful amount of votes.

So, without further ado, are they genuine jugs,

Japanese model Mizuki Horii

or man-made mammaries?

Japanese model Mizuki Horii

Update: After a surprisingly ample 421 votes, the figures were 289 to 132 in favour of genuine jugs, meaning Mizuki Horii’s big breasts are officially not man-made. Ah, the delights of democracy in action.

Pointless poll result #2

Having just arrived back from my vacation, I realized that the Sexiest celebrities poll was way past it’s sell by date, and desperately needed wrapping up. So if you’ll give me a quick drum roll, I’m pleased to announce that Japan’s sexiest celebrity is the delightful Norika Fujiwara.


Ms Fujiwara trounced the opposition, garnering an impressive 46% of the votes. Easily beating second placed songster Namie Amuro, who perhaps surprising (or there again perhaps not) only managed a rather paltry 27%. A long way back in third position were the large chested Kanou Sisters (18%). And sadly bringing up the rear with a measly 9% was the ladies choice, cuddly sumo wrestler Miyabiyama.

But Pointless Poll fans fear not. A quick look to your left will reveal an all-new and utterly meaningless survey. This one going by the decidedly unimaginative title of Most Disgusting Dessert. An endeavor that will surely broaden your horizons and stimulate your intellect.

Given the choice of whale, deep sea water, lettuce and potato, or shark fin ramen ice cream, which would you choose as the most disgusting dessert?

Vote away!

Pointless poll results

The votes are in for Tokyo Times very first pointless poll, and the Hello Kitty vibrator romped home in convincing style. Officially making it the most bizarre.


The little battery charged wonder scooped an impressive 68% of the votes, leaving those crazy Yamamba’s (20%) and rather disturbing Dutch Wives (13%) trailing a long way behind in second and third place respectively.

Maybe I’ve been in Japan too long, but I though it would have been a lot closer than that, as personally I don’t think the Kitty-chan vibrator is that odd. But either way, the little vibrating device will soon become a thing of the past, as after a long run its production has sadly been stopped. So for anybody looking to make a purchase, I suggest you get a move on.

The new pointless poll is now up and running, and needless to say it’s of a similarly high brow nature. Namely the nation’s sexiest celebrity. And to avoid any claims of it being sexist in any way, I’ve decided to add a young sportsman to the list.

Vote away!