The touching sight of an old parrot and its equally ageing owner

Seeing an old lady looking after a load of goldfish with a parrot on her shoulder is definitely not an everyday sight. Or at least it’s not if you don’t live anywhere near an old lady who sells fish and has a parrot.

But add to that the rather forlorn appearance of said pet, along with it looking about the same age as its owner, and the pair are even more unusual.

And yet seeing the two of them so quiet and content in each other’s company was arguably even more striking — not to mention touching.

Japanese pet parrot

A dog. Wearing glasses. Driving a remote controlled car. In Ginza

Tokyo’s glitzy Ginza district is mostly known for its expensive brands and flagships stores. A place where the rich go to buy, and the rest to browse.

At the weekend, however, when the main street is pedestrianised, some people go for a family day out, or to simply sit and chat. Plus, for a seemingly growing number of visitors, it also offers the chance to show off their preposterously sized or suited pets. A movement that may — or worryingly may not — have reached its nadir with this dog. A poodle that as well as wearing glasses, was also whizzing around in a remote controlled car.

Japanese dog in a remote controlled car


Japanese dog in a remote controlled car

And mystifying members of the public.

Japanese dog in a remote controlled car

In equal measure.

Japanese dog in a remote controlled car

The world’s most wondrous wig(s)?

In a country that places such a great importance on appearance, it’s surprising how many salary men sport truly shocking wigs. Hairpieces that are often so obvious it can only be assumed that the wearers eyesight has faded as much as their follicles.

Yet for their own — not to mention other commuters — convenience, thankfully none of them are as ludicrous as this wonderfully large creation.

amazing Japanese wig

An igloo, in Tokyo, in spring

Video games and trains are all well and good, but arguably neither of them can light up a little lad’s imagination like an igloo. Especially so when one least expects to see one. Such as on a side street. In Tokyo. In spring.

Tokyo igloo