An odd and alluring fashion shoot, in an old Tokyo alley


It’s very easy to say that you never know what’s round the next corner in Tokyo, but the city does have a habit of producing genuine surprises. On an impressively regular basis too. And this young woman. Somewhat elaborately dressed for a dirty old alley. Was certainly one of them.

alluring Tokyo fashion shot

An air-conditioned jacket actually being worn in the wild


With power saving once again a priority, and electricity bills about to rise, it’s going to be another hot and very unpleasant summer in Tokyo. Fortunately, the Cool Biz campaign means that many people won’t have to suffer in a suit, but the ultimate in cool clothing — in a purely functional rather than fashion sense — has to be this air-conditioned jacket.

A garment I’d previously only seen on the internet, but unlike attractive young ladies gagging for middle-aged men, or improbably generous Nigerians, it’s actually genuine.

traditional Japanese air-conditioned jacket

A bearded and mercifully modest Japanese transvestite


One of the great joys of living in Tokyo is that despite all the regulation, it is also incredibly random, meaning it’s impossible to predict what’s round the next corner. And it’s even better when any unexpected sightings have the common courtesy to cover any further surprises.

Japanese transvestite