Healthy handheld gaming?

The playing of games is often an easy target when it comes to claims of mindless violence amongst other things, but at least this young lad’s mother can’t moan about him not getting out more.

Tokyo gaming

Dragon Quest quest?

With the much-delayed Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS selling by the bucket load in Japan, this fella’s quest quite possibly wasn’t the pleasant ambience of the park, but instead a bit of privacy to play his newly purchased game in peace.

Dragon Quest IX Japan

Tokyo booth babe torment

Being a booth babe at the recently wrapped up Tokyo Game Show can’t really be all that rewarding, as, not only do the young women have to smile sycophantically at the seething sweaty masses, but they also have to cope with clamourous, camera-carrying crowds.

Tokyo Game Show booth babe

Along with middle-aged men who should know much better.

Tokyo Game Show booth babe

And, maybe worst of all, an unmerited meeting with me.

Tokyo Game Show booth babe

(click images for a larger, but still laughably lit, look)