Captain Jack Sparrow enjoying an outdoor Tokyo beer or two

Tokyo has a wonderful habit of throwing up surprises, and arguably nothings sums up the unexpected quite like the sight of Captain Jack Sparrow enjoying an outdoor beer or two.

Captain Jack Sparrow in Tokyo having a beer


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      Yes, real dedication. Even more remarkable considering how hot he must be in that outfit. A man who clearly doesn’t do half measures!

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      Nah, a different one. Yes, there are (at least) two Jack Sparrows in Tokyo!

      The face of the one above isn’t so clear in the photo, but he’s not quite as authentic looking as the other Jack Sparrow. The photo of him is here.

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          That would make sense, but just to make things slighter odder, they don’t. The one in this photo has his own cake shop. Yes, cake shop. Well, at least he did. There’s a link to the story here.

          And the one I linked to in the comment above used to work at some kind of celebrity look-alike bar in Shinjuku. Not seen him for a while though, so perhaps Jack Sparrow isn’t quite the draw he once was…

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      I’d like to see him with the other Jack Sparrow, but I’m not sure that either of them would care for that!

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      Cheers! It was the two fellas in the background, and more importantly their expressions, that really made it for me. Very lucky to have them in the frame.

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