Canned convenience

Still looking for the perfect snack to compliment your tinned tea or coffee? A product as compact and convenient as your favourite ready-made beverage?

canned coffee

Well, further foraging is at last unnecessary, because here it is: canned bread.

bread in a can

Yes, bread in a tin. It lasts for 3 years too. And if that’s not enough, you can also choose between chocolate chip, raisin and nut, or the slightly more adventurous coffee, raisin and nut variety. Amazing eh?

Did I mention it comes in a can?

more bread in a can

Acutely aware however of such a reaction to its product, the organization behind it have opted for a no-nonsense and self explanatory name – Pan Desuyo! (This is Bread!). Which is perhaps as well, because on first inspection it may not be immediately obvious.



  1. says

    I once knew someone who used to eat cat food sandwiches. Now, I am no businessman, but that last shot inspired me into thinking about combining a can of Kitty-Kat meat with the aforementioned canned bread. There is a market for people who like a touch of cat meat pate in their baguette.

  2. denise says

    Bread in a can…. How bizzare…. Did you actually try it? It looks like you bought a can of bread yourself. Did I just say ‘canned bread’? I did. That’s weird. I know Japan is a nation full of convenience but canned bread just seems like a bad idea. Especially since they have some really good bakeries there I can’t imagine this ever catching on.

  3. Paul says

    I like the fact that the Suntory Coffee Boss apparently smokes a pipe. All bosses should smoke pipes as it lends them an air of authority sadly all too lacking in todays business environment.

  4. TronDD says

    That’s not weird. B&M makes brown bread that comes in a can. Maybe it’s a regional thing…

  5. Larm says

    Canned bread. That’s pretty hilarious :) I guess I would never stop getting surprised with japanese :)

  6. Chris says

    The can part, although very odd, I can somehow accept. But I am concerned with the fact that it “stays fresh” for 3 years…

  7. nrique says

    Staying fresh for three years is nothing, a Twinkie has a shelf life of over 10!

    Now THAT is weird!

  8. jane says

    This is just emergency ration. Japan is not just weird country as you inspect. Grow up boys.

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