Buddhist monk and mesmerised boy

This young boy may well have been in desperate need of a pee, but for a moment at least, his bladder concerns were put on hold by the mesmerising sight of a Buddhist monk praying in the middle of the street. Praying, perhaps, that the little lad in question could find somewhere to go before things got too desperate.

Japanese Buddhist monk and surprised boy in Tokyo


  1. John says

    Praying or begging for ¥?…

    Perhaps the kid was doing his Michael Jackson impression.

    • says

      That’s always the big question. Prayers yeah, but perhaps only if they are paid for…

      Haha, maybe. It’s certainly a better image than him absolutely bursting for a wee!

  2. Coli says

    Great timing! Too bad his mother didn’t noticed he needed to go pee. Poor little guy.

  3. says

    Being of the age that the pressure starts mounting for the little kid, play-time is over, he might already have spotted an alternative to a life as sarariman.
    Several of the monks that I spoke with had dropped out of the rat-race and joined a monastery to avoid the shallow life in the company they hated with a surprisingly large passion (surprising to me, at least, as I was used to people still identifying themselves with their company.)

    • says

      Yeah, quite possibly, particularly if the parents are pushy. I work at a fairly prestigious school, and hearing the sacrifices and the dedication some of the kids put into getting there, amazes me.

      That must have been very refreshing to hear. Not all jobs and companies are the same of course, but the average salary man life is not something I’d ever like to do. Not even for a short time. Total respect to those who get out and do something they want to do, rather than what they are expected to do.

  4. Squidpuppy says

    Monks steal your chin-chin, I seem to remember, but maybe little kids don’t say that anymore. And FYI: when a traditional Japanese hearse goes by, you’re supposed to hide your thumbs in your fists – don’t remember why. Something steals your nose, and something else steals your ears, so you cover them up, but I can’t remember what those things are.

    • says

      Never heard that about monks. That’s funny. So he might not have wanted a wee after all!

      I recall hearing something along those lines about hearses, but don’t remember why either. But by the sounds of it, everything is up for grabs!

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