Big Japanese breasts (pillow)

For the person not after somebody special but simply unsentimental sex, then silicone substitutes are now surprisingly common, and available both for keeps or just a couple of hours; however, for those merely interested in mammaries — regardless of whether the focus is a relaxing fondle or a feature to rejoicingly rub their faces into — then the oppai pillow would appear to be perfect.

Japanese breast pillow


Japanese breast pillow

(click images for bigger breasts)


  1. Nobody says

    Those boobs are too big to be Japanese. I don’t like big fat boobs. I much prefer the small firm titties most hot Japanese girls have. Small firm boobs are the best, no sagging, no pointing downwards or rolling sideways; they stay exactly where they should be and look and feel great. I am sure many people agree with me. Bring out a pillow with those nice small firm boobs you expect to see in Japanese girls. Still no pillow could compare to the real thing.

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