Behind the scenes at an old ramen restaurant

No dreams of Michelin stars or celebrity customers; just good basic food, in suitably basic surroundings.

old Tokyo ramen restaurant


  1. Henry says

    Looks interesting I’ll admit, but rather you than me. I’m way more careful where I eat.

    • says

      I can understand wheat you mean. Not necessarily the cleanest of places. That said, I’ve had food poisoning twice in Japan, and both times were in fancy eateries. Never even had the slightest rumble after visiting establishments like the one above.

      • says

        Same here, never had any problems with eating in these grubby places and I love the authentic experience. Even the “irrashaimase” already sounds better when entering :-)

        • says

          Haha! It does seem to be said in a much less sycophantic way. Just a nice friendly welcome, which is definitely better. Far more genuine too.

  2. says

    Great shot Lee!
    I’ll happily eat in places like this, done so many times and I can only recommend it to everybody who wants a taste of down-to-earth Japanese food.

    • says

      Thank you!

      Yeah, likewise. Decent food, at very decent prices, with invariably very friendly service. What’s not to like?

  3. Bernadette Marchetti says

    I once had a roommate that was from China. She never washed the pots and pans she used (mine) between meals. I asked her once why, and she replied “Because the goodness of the old meal goes into the new meal.” It must work because I never turned down one of her meals 😉

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