Beautiful Japanese breasts?

As a man, mammaries, whether they are modestly proportioned or mindbogglingly massive, are amazing — mesmerising even. However, regardless of their size, rollers it would seem are required to really make the most of them.

Japanese bust roller

A rigourous — if one is up for it — bout of daily rubbing for ten minutes or so with something that’s nice and knobbly,

Japanese bust roller

leaving the parts in question both perfectly proportioned and positively perky.

Japanese bust roller


Japanese bust roller


  1. says

    This, more than anything, proves the superiority of the Japanese nation–caring about the boobs.

    Sigh! If only our women were as meticulous.

  2. Alex says

    I don’t even understand how this is supposed to work. Wouldn’t rolling them just flatten them out? *confused look* Or is this supposed to make them mildy inflamed?

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