Bear blaster

Confetti throwing may still be popular, but for Japanese brides, the bouquet toss appears to be old hat, with many couples now opting to inexplicably throw a teddy bear instead; a trend that paint company Sunamiya is hoping to exploit, the Ehime Prefecture based firm coming up with a bear blaster of sorts.

bear shooter

The gun-shaped device ingeniously allows blushing brides to effortlessly launch terrified teddy bears high into the air, and so as not to injure unsuspecting guests, the bears are equipped with parachutes, allowing them to gently descend to the presumably awestruck throng below. Such technological advancements making the company confident of success, a spokesperson proclaiming, “We’re hoping to capture the hearts of couples.”

For less romantic newlyweds however, Sunamiya’s criminal catching paintball marker could be more appropriate, a few well aimed shots at interfering relatives or lecherous uncles potentially providing far more entertainment.



  1. Paul says

    I love the crim with the 5 o’clock shadow and the flat cap, that wonderfully traditional headgear of the Japanese thieving community. Or has he run in from a copy of ‘The Dandy’ circa 1952 by mistake? I suppose we will never know.

  2. Dan says

    I am very interested in locating who makes the teddybear guns and how i can get in touch with them.

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