Bawling babies

Saturday saw Saikyoji Temple in Nagasaki Prefecture hold its annual baby crying competition, an event that pits the region’s yelling youngsters against one another in a sumo-style setting – the first toddler to cry after being tormented and terrified by the priest declared the winner.

Should both babies start sobbing at the same time however, the more booming bawler is awarded the victory. A ruling that certainly wasn’t required in the bout pictured below, with the little chap on the left comfortably securing the win.

crying Japanese babies

The overall champion is rumoured to secure a selection of sedatives and five free visits to a child therapist.


  1. says

    How do they get the baby to cry in the first place if they dont find the Priest threatening enough?

    I hear hot pokers and cow brands work great.

  2. naughtynaughty says

    However he may frighten them, at least he’s not a catholic priest……

  3. says

    UMMM this baby shit isnt cool with me..i really dont like forcing any child to cry..i find it unhealthy. Kids cry enough in there life time …they dont need to be provoked. The babies are soooo cute steel on in a heart beat!!!! Gimmie the chinky babies!!!

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