Awkward and odd Tokyo conversations

Tokyo perpetually throws up contrasts, including equally contrasting people. What is unusual, however, are said people openly conversing on the street. A situation so clearly awkward that it becomes immediately obvious why it isn’t more common.

Tokyo conversation


  1. says

    Have I been in Japan for too long already?
    I don’t find that weird or awkward at all. Have seen scenes like that very often, even outside of the big cities! *g*

    • says

      On a street corner in Asakusa, they struck me as an odd couple. Certainly not a scene I’m used to seeing.

      It was definitely an awkward one though — at least for the young woman. The forced smile showing at least some of her discomfort.

  2. Andy says

    A homeless guy talking to a transvestite?! Lol, indeed, you don’t see that every day!

  3. winnie says

    Maybe the guy told the lady that the hair accessories on her is not suitable for her dressing.
    And the lady looked like she don’t understand what the guy talking about?

    • says

      I don’t know what he was saying, but no matter how hard she tried to politely ignore him, he wouldn’t give up.

  4. says

    I guess he’s asking her if she can make a rabbit hand shadow puppet.

    Very intriguing shot, I do like Japanese rebels who are showing some pluck :-) I have heard stories about men of a certain age questioning kids about the colour of their hair and dress style, but I cannot really imagine this happening in 2012 and especially not in Asakusa or the rest of Tokyo.

    • says


      Nah, pretty sure it wasn’t anything like that. Just a lonely fella looking for somebody to chat to I think. There are quite a few like that in Asakusa.

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