Audrey Hepburn lit up in Tokyo like never before

It is definitely not the kind of light that Audrey Hepburn is usually lit up in, but at the same time, it’s arguably a much more interesting sight because of it.

Audrey Hepburn urban art in Tokyo, Japan


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      Yeah, one of those great occasions when I though I’d just have a quick look what was round the corner, and there it was. Perfect timing with the light too.

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    Excellent, did you have to wait long for the light just to hit the poster? I find that I normally have to stumble upon finds like this and do not anticipate how it could be and wait until it becomes perfect

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      I’m exactly the same. I don’t have the patience to hang about for too long either. But with this I stumbled upon it just as the light was as it is in the photo. Very lucky. One of those rare days when everything came together perfectly.

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      Cheers! Even if I had planned to, I probably would have failed. The window of opportunity was so narrow that stumbling upon it was the only way for it to happen.

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