An outdoor, considerably low-tech, Japanese kitchen

Much is made of Japan’s high-tech cities and the nation’s love of gadgets, but an awful lot of day-to-day life remains stuck very much in the past. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the home. A place where very often even basics along the lines of insulation and double glazing are inventions to be merely marvelled at, than actually made use of.

Such uncomfortable omissions, particularly in older houses and apartments, making the whole experience somewhat akin to camping — only colder. And yet even such inadequacies don’t come close to a lack of roofing or walls.

low-tech Japanese kitchen

Although to be fair, there is running water. Lots of it too.

low-tech Japanese kitchen


    • says

      Just a home. Or at least part of it. It came as quite a surprise when we turned the corner. Not what I was expecting at all.

  1. MrSatyre says

    Clearly the rednecks of West Virginia are going to have to step up their game if they don’t want to be outshone by their distant kinfolk. That’s some impressive handiwork!

    • James Newlin says

      There is something to be said for simple living. While glass condo towers look neat, it’s an incredibly destructive way to live. We could learn more from traditional people in Thailand or the Middle East than from our modern wonders.

      • says

        Yeah, that’s very true. The only trouble is those kind of houses in Japan are incredibly cold. They certainly don’t make living very comfortable.

  2. winnie says

    Great shot!

    I was stunned. It is so cold now yet the lady is able to do the food preparation outside.

  3. says

    Amazing, it is true, you can get around Japan as a photographer and by selecting the right subjects, you can make it look like a futuristic country, a country in a timeslip of 200 years ago or like a slum. That’s why it is so fascinating to me.

    • says

      I doubt it. All the houses round there were very similar — pretty old and battered. People just seemed to be making do.

  4. eshinesu says

    Some leaves stay on and do not fall in the winter,
    showing the sunset in deeper colors.
    Unless the day is cloudy.

  5. Willy says

    The drainpipe. Well that’s almost a family member! Certainly some family members are as such…

    • says

      Yes, and it was naturally hot water coming out of it too. Although obviously not hot enough to warm up the ‘kitchen’.

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