The very obvious joy of an outdoor, back-to-basics, Japanese bath

Bath time is hugely important in Japan, and arguably even more so when it’s of the public and natural variety — the soothing volcanic water and communal element making it a key feature of tourism as well as everyday life.

But while many hotels boast beautifully designed baths with absolutely stunning views, the back-to-basics approach of a tub and some companions clearly takes some beating.

Japanese outdoor bath


  1. john says

    I wonder whose Christmas present that was?
    With a beer to share just perfect!
    I imagine the photographer poised behind a not too well trimmed bonsai :o).

    • says

      Yeah, basic it may be, but they were as happy as could be.

      Haha. I actually just stood out in the open and took it. They didn’t care in the slightest. In fact the fella beckoned me in, but I made my excuses. Would have been something of a squeeze to say the least!

  2. June says

    Looks like he is fully clothed, with sweatshirt and pants! Was he just passing by and decided to jump in and join the fun?

    • says

      Haha, now that would have been something! But nah, he was wearing a wetsuit. They had all been fishing and were warming up/relaxing in the naturally hot water.

  3. GenjiG says

    It may not look like much but I’m still jealous, wish I had a bathtub like that!

  4. winnie says

    They are enjoying their bath time! Love their expressions. :)

    But I still think it too cold for me and shy to bath in public.

    • says

      They certainly were, Winnie.

      Same here, but unless us, shy wasn’t one of their worries. In fact on our way back, the old lady was happily drying herself off in an equally public spot.

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