An old Tokyo bar and its no-nonsense Mama-san


Her native Okinawa that she left over 40 years ago must have changed enormously, but the bar this strong-willed Mama-san runs in Tokyo most certainly hasn’t. Or at least not since the 1970s.

old and small Tokyo bar Mama-san

A space that in many ways is more like an extended living room than a bar, allowing customers, with the accompaniment of a couple of beers, to feel completely at home.

old and small Tokyo bar Mama-san


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      Yeah, it was an interesting little bar. The Mama-san was quite a character too.

      All down to the booze I think. I’m bolder, and those around me are more relaxed. The perfect situation really.

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        Just rereading Dance Dance Dance (Murakami Haruki — I know, not his best but still very enjoyable) in which I came across the following quote: “I went into a small bar I remembered, and had a few drinks and a bite to eat. The place was dirty, noisy, cheap, and good. The kind of hole-in-the-wall I always look for when I have to eat out alone. I can talk to myself and nobody listens or cares.”
        Cool the read that the ‘boku’ personages in Murakami Haruki’s books like the same places :-)

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