• says

      They do. To be fair, the food in this one wasn’t anything to get overly excited about, but then at the same time it wasn’t bad either. Plus for the price it was very good value.

  1. says

    If only they would ban smoking and make a real effort to discourage smoking, but with the enormous deficit, the state is never going to give up on that guaranteed income :-)

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      As an ex-smoker I can’t really complain too much, but no, it’ll be a while before European-style anti-smoking laws come into play that’s for sure…

  2. Jeffrey says

    We went to a place sort of like this when we were in Kyoto in December. They had great Dan-Dan men.

    • says

      Yes. He was enjoying that cigarette more than his ramen I think. One of the rare times I’ve seen somebody smoke whilst eating.

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