An odd and alluring fashion shoot, in an old Tokyo alley

It’s very easy to say that you never know what’s round the next corner in Tokyo, but the city does have a habit of producing genuine surprises. On an impressively regular basis too. And this young woman. Somewhat elaborately dressed for a dirty old alley. Was certainly one of them.

alluring Tokyo fashion shot


  1. Matt says

    She almost looks like she is part of that post she is holding on to. Very interesting shot.

  2. Magnus369 says

    That reminds me of very early 3D graphics- I can’t say the outfit is terribly flattering to her, but it’s a nice shot none the less.

    • says

      She was certainly in the right area for some good food. Whether she partook in any, however, I don’t know…

  3. john says

    She may not have the noodles but she’s got the strength! That hat is prime estate for solar panels!

    • says

      I don’t know about strength, but the outfit certainly made her seem pretty imposing. Especially so as she was quite tall — even without the hat.

  4. says

    I was sure it was a mannequin, and was amazed to learn it was a real girl. Love the grittiness of the place as contrasted with the pretty girl.
    I don’t mean this in a sexist way, but the most remarkable thing in this shot are the visible nipples as that seems to be big faux-pas in Japan normally. ^_^;;

    • says

      Yes, she’s very mannequin-like, isn’t she? I know exactly want you mean about the nipples too. Not normally seen, but very visible here!

  5. winnie says

    She is really thin and even thinner than my 12 years old girl.
    She can pass off as a mannequin in the window display. :)

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