An incredibly disturbing doll

Tokyo has its fair share of antique markets, many of which offer an interesting look into Japan’s past — both of the fairly recent variety, and much further back. But they can also offer you a look at something you’d rather not have seen, either in the past, or the present.



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      Looking at the cover, I’m not surprised it did. Even less if this reminds you of the puppets!

  1. Squidpuppy says

    Actually, and it’s just me, I know, but that get up puts it into a familiar context – of horror movies. I find the natural state of porcelain dolls far creepier; in Victorian children’s clothing. Just sitting there looking at you with those glass eyes. From a chair in the corner of the room. And then, of course, it blinks.

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      Believe me, it isn’t just you. For some reason I find most dolls unsettling, but in particular old, more traditional ones. Finding them in abandoned buildings is always both fascinating and horribly unpleasant…

      • Squidpuppy says

        Kokeshi really creep me out. Then when I learned of one theoretical root source for them, it made it way worse! In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a theory that kokeshi represent dead, or poverty-based murdered children. Their limblessness is a representation of swaddled infants. Ugh.

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          Yeah, it’s not a nice image to say the least, is it?

          In one of Alan Booth’s books, he mentioned giving his parents a pair of kokeshi dolls. A couple who had spiritual leanings of some description or other – I don’t remember what exactly. But they wouldn’t display them and kept them sealed in a box at the bottom of a cupboard cos the dolls made them feel so uneasy. And if I remember rightly, they were utterly oblivious to any such dark meaning of the dolls too.

  2. Bernadette Marchetti says

    My first boyfriend was an Art major at Carnegie Mellon University (it’s one of the best schools for Fine Arts in the US). This piece reminds me a LOT of what the inscrutable minds of the students produced there. Keep in mind that CMU is also one of the best schools for Computer Science and is one of the leading research institutions in Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. It was not uncommon to see women showing up to class in dresses made entirely from black electrical tape. And I do mean *entirely*. That school is the quintessential playground for freaks and geeks. But it was always interesting!

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      Wow, that sounds quite a place. Just hope that any kind of Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs aren’t granted to monstrosities like the doll above!

  3. winnie says

    I will going to have nightmare…

    Although the doll looked creepy and disturbing, i feel a bit sad for “him”. It seem like he was tortured.
    I am sorry that I might be weird for saying this. He contain the elements of sado-masochism to me.

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